Finding Your Keys: 30 Oct 2008, Voting Catholic

On this week’s episode, Josh is joined by Joe McClane to discuss Voting Catholic Style!

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2008-11-03 11:07:19 Reply

Thanks for some straight talk, I appreciate it. I am a non-Catholic Christian, my wife is Roman Catholic.

I am also a pro-life democrat who will be voting for Obama. This was not an easy decision. I know you didn’t name any candidates in your show, but I have a feeling you are not so happy about Obama’s policy on abortion (neither am I).

But, do you consider McCain to be pro-life? I certainly don’t. He has already admitted that he will do nothing to over turn Roe v. Wade. He will not appoint judges “just because they oppose the decision.” Further, he says he will hunt down and kill Osama Bin Laden “to hell and back.” That means he will escalate the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; and perhaps start new ones.

Pro-life is about more than abortion. Iraqi life is just as valuable as American life. McCain also supports the death penalty, and embryonic stem cell research.

We do not have a pro-life candidate in this election.


2008-11-03 11:36:29 Reply


Thanks for the feedback. I understand the fact that you’re not Catholic and so because of that you’re most probably not familiar with Catholic teaching with regard to life issues.

Do I consider John McCain to be 100% pro-life? No but in this election I have to ask myself “Which candidate is the lesser evil or the greater good?”

I agree with you that being pro-life is more than abortion. Iraqi life is just as valuable as the unborn child but let me ask you – how many more have died – individuals in Iraq or unborn children.

Also, with regards to this issue I urge you to read the following letter distributed by the Catholic Bishops of Dallas and Fort Worth. They clearly articulate that there are a hierarchy of issues and that you simply cannot place abortion on the same level as war. Abortion is an intrinsic evil that can never be tolerated. The same cannot be said for war.

It is true we do not have a 100% pro-life candidate in this election. Because of this fact we have an obligation to vote for the candidate that will do the greatest good or the least harm.


2008-11-07 12:37:54 Reply

Well, the results are in and we can’t vote again.

But I wonder my many Catholics and other pro-lifers support McCain who is not 100% pro-life (i.e. he is for embryonic stem cell research and the death penalty) Why not support someone like Chuck Baldwin who is 90% pro-life (or at least more so than either Obama or McCain)?

If Catholics decided who to vote for as a block (even for a 3rd party) they would decide the election.

Could there ever be a “catholic” political party? Of course that is a bit unnecessary, because one would hope that Catholics not compartmentalize themselves (Catholic at home, but secular in the public sector)

I didn’t notice you guys cover any of the state ballot measures yet (Prop 8 in CA, and similar in AZ and FL); Life begins at conception measure (defeated) in Colorado (?). However, I understand the desire to not get too entangled in politics.

Thanks for the show, and for your comments!

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