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The CU Metro

  • Papal Prayer Intentions for March
    Pope Benedict’s general prayer intention for March is: “That the role of women may be more appreciated and used to good advantage in every country in the world”.
    His mission intention is: “That, in the light of the Letter addressed to them by Pope Benedict XVI, the bishops, priests, consecrated persons and lay faithful of the Catholic Church in the Popular Republic of China may commit themselves to being the sign and instrument of unity, communion and peace”.
  • Scranton’s Bishop Martino orders priests: no Communion for public sinners.
  • Our very own Bishop Morin has been ‘promoted’ to the see of Biloxi.

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10. What famous home to Military boot camp did Fr. Chris innocently mispronounce and how did he pronounce it?
11. What does the cu team prefer to call Advent?
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