This Week, Fr. Chris, Joshua and Fr. Ryan discussed

  • Archbishop Phillip Hannan, 1913-2011 (AutobiographyVideo)
  • Steve Jobs, 1955-2011 (
  • The Zune is EOL.
  • Apple launched the iPhone 4s… It’s not exactly jump up and down stuff.
  • Amazon has launched much cooler stuff
  • The Japanese are selling Arks… Like Noah… No Seriously.
  • The Pope is stealing ideas from CatholiCon!
  • Movie Courageous is basically the fruit of a Baptist church. The Catholicism Project from Fr. Barron is also pretty great! (Also, Fr. Ryan really hates Lenten Friday fish fries…)
  • The BBC is pretending Christ isn’t the fulcrum of history. Shame on them!
  • The US Bishops are calling out Catholics on voting and public moral issues.
  • Are the Donatists back?

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