This Week, Fr. Chris, Joshua and Fr. Ryan discussed

  • Password Security – get to it! Some tips: Use at least 8 letters. Try to use at least one number or non-alphanumeric character. Don’t put your passwords on a post-it! Don’t make a file called passwords.txt! Change your passwords at least once a year. Be vigilant, even good passwords can by bypassed or hacked.
  • Will Netflix become a part of your cable package? Will an HD antenna help or hurt?
  • The ever salty Lord Monckton is calling out “An Inconvenient Truth?”
  • “Community,” happiness and “Church Friends” What can you do? 1) Be loyal to your parish and a particular Mass time. 2) Seek out a Bible Study or Learning opportunity. 3) Take some pressure off the priest, organize something! 4) Think beyond the Mass!
  • Also, the internet is out to get us…

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