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CU Weekly 201: Cana Confidential

This Week, Fr. Chris, David Dawson and Fr. Ryan discussed

  • Jesus’ Wife or a washout looking for tenure? More info here and here.
  • Fr. Ryan organizes his ebooks with Calibre.app
  • Amazon has the magic! You can sync your kindle and your Audible audiobook.
  • Unglue.it wants to get books.
  • Libertarianism, Subsidiarity and the Church
  • AdEthic is trying to providing quality advertising revue to Catholic organizations! Here’s hoping!
  • John Paul the Great Catholic University has a new online crash course in the Catholic Faith. Fr. Ryan also mentioned Catholic FamilyLand.
  • Franciscan University has done something similar with FaithAndReason.com.
  • The Dominicans have a powerful vocations video!

They also recommended these “Picks of the Week”

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T. Fritz

2012-09-25 12:49:10 Reply

enjoyed the show… Just wanted to let you konw, your email seems to be down. I tried to email you at backchat@catholicunderground.com and it bounced.

    Fr. Chris Decker

    2012-09-25 16:40:51 Reply

    Thanks for the kudos! I took a look at the email account and we did indeed have to dust out a glitch. Congrats for finding it!

Jeffrey Miller

2012-09-25 17:52:33 Reply

As for Calibre I have been using it for years and it just keeps getting better. Though the problem with most open source software is that aesthetically they are quite ugly and Calibre is not the exception. Since I went Mac I am even more aware of badly designed apps from an aesthetic POV since ugly software just stands out more.

I currently have 759 ebooks in my library and I have my Calibre library set to use Dropbox which works great. I also strip all the DRM off my Kindle books for personal use so I can have them in ePub format. A plugin for Calibre makes this pretty easy via the Kindle for Mac app.

As for thoughts on the iPhone 5. Don’t think Apple as of yet is just imitating other devices. Certainly they are under pressure to do so, but increasing only the height and not the width of the new device I think shows they are not just chasing screen size. While the height is only extended a half an inch it certainly does make browsing nicer and updated apps that use the new space really makes this a good update. It still rather freaks me out just how light it is and the speed of JavaScript render is just awesome – faster than the iPad 3 and pretty much every single phone out there except one.

I heard mention of repairability and actually the iPhone 5 is one of the most repairable iPhones in a while as stated by iFixIt. Though repairability really doesn’t mean much now of days other than screen, motherboard or battery replacements.

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