CU Weekly 209: Fr. Chris Hearts The Childlike Empress.

This Week, Fr. Chris, Kathleen Lee, Jeff Blackwell and Fr. Ryan discussed

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2012-11-20 13:11:52 Reply

Our diocese in Minnesota (Crookston) had a confirmation candidate change the church sign in support of an amendment for the sanctity of marriage of one man one woman, to reead vot against and marriage is one and one, he was informed that he is not able to be confirmed until he is inline with church teachings. Also a few parish employees, those that spoke out against the churches teachings, were told this “your talents no longer fit our church needs so you are now able to share your gifts with those that need your gifts”.
So many Catholics do not know what our faith believes in, and as a teacher of Confirmation in the Diocese I am no longer surprised by their lack of knowledge.

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