CU Weekly 212: The Pope Is My Secret Santa

Note: Due to an audio glitch (which may or may not have been caused by a little keystroke happy Google Plus experimentation) the first four minutes of the podcast are truncated. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much!

This Week, Fr. Chris, Kathleen Lee, Mary Kait Taylor and Fr. Ryan discussed

They also recommended these “Picks of the Week”

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Jeff Miller

2012-12-11 10:13:51 Reply

The problems with The Daily are multiple.

1. It was extremely bloated and just not very responsive in moving around the app. Like so many apps of this type they are trying to retain the magazine medium and not adopting to the table medium.
2. Articles were pretty much walled off. There was no sharing of articles or any way to save an article for future reference. Totally missed social media to generate any buzz regarding content.
3. Very odd that they had little or no technology coverage and no technology section.
4. Trying to be all things instead of concentrating on key areas and providing best of class coverage for that area. It was all over the place trying to be a standard news magazine and People/Entertainment Weekly magazine.
5. With changing and updated news, they were tied to the newspaper model.

I still think the general idea could be done successfully, but on a much smaller scale with a specific focus. The Daily was a class between the old model and a new method of distribution. An interesting example is “The Magazine” which has a .99 monthly subscription for two issues each month with curated articles submitted to an editor. Focused towards a geek audience from the maker of the wonderful InstaPaper app. It is article focused with a UI that does not get in the way.

There are certainly multiple ways this should be done, but the medium instead of what came before should be the main consideration in displaying content.

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