CU Weekly 214: Send It Up On The Jeffstar One.

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Bob G

2013-01-07 11:36:42 Reply

Windows 8.
This happen every time MS brings out a new version of windows…everyone piles on the criticism. There are things to criticize, no doubt, but the whole ordeal takes on a dark aura that is hard to stomach. I do appreciate your comments in the end concerning MS place in the market. I’m not a huge tech guy, but I do see the technology expanding and maybe shifting to touch screens. Windows has to incorporate that in some way. The reason I made the upgrade (and it is harder then in the past) is that most software will conform to the new MS standard regardless of what my misgivings are. This platform will be easier to use then Win7 on newer, more mobile devices. Growing pains…yes, but mistake…no. Sorry to disagree with FR Ryan on that since he could probably take me to the tech shed on any discussion concerning software and tech matters.

Fr. Ryan Humphries

2013-01-07 13:03:21 Reply

Bob – thanks so much for listening and replying.

I think you’re exactly right in that Windows 8 has taken a page from the Apple Playbook and has really started to work with some higher-end APIs (Hooks) in the OS that are going to allow for more sophisticated software writing that will require users to upgrade.

My primary problem with the OS is the execution. The ideas are stellar, but the execution is just not there. Metro is great for some people and really, epically bad for others. A cubical farm isn’t going to benefit from Metro. On the other hand, somebody who wants a really light and tight OS is not going to benefit from the legacy baggage that Windows8 drags with it.

My argument is that Microsoft has got all the right ideas and has executed them badly. Just like Win 95 was an astounding piece of insight on top of terrible execution… We had to wait until Windows 98 to really get the ideas working. Windows 8 is great insights on top of bad execution and I’d expect we’ll have to wait until 2015 or so to see those ideas actually work the way they are supposed to.

At any rate, thanks for listening and giving us feedback!

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