Fr. Chris Decker and Fr. Ryan Humphries relive the events of the day when Pope Benedict XVI, 265th successor to the See of Peter announced his intention to renounce the ministry of the sovereign pontiff. They discuss the shock of the announcement, the many works of ministry and charity that Pope Benedict has engaged since his election in 2005, and what we can expect as the day draws near and a conclave is called.

A few things that the pope has done

Where do we go from here?

  • Though the pope has not died, the manner in which a pope is elected stays essentially the same. Masses of mourning will not be offered, but many of the steps remain the same. Here is some information on what happens in the Catholic Church when the See of Peter becomes vacant (sede vacante).
  • The composition of the Conclave
  • What the pope is planning after stepping down…

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