CU Weekly 229: Mass. In. Spaaaaaace!

This Week, Fr. Chris, Jeff Blackwell, Kathleen Lee and Fr. Ryan discussed

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Tim Ball

2013-07-09 17:17:41 Reply

I believe it was Fr. Ryan in this episode who made a reference to space shuttles landing in Houston. WHAAAAAT????!!! You lose three geek points! ;)

Space shuttles only ever launched from KSC in Florida. All landings took place at White Sands in New Mexico, Edwards in California, or KSC in Florida.

And the discussion began as the panel discussed you might be the orindary with ecclesial jurisdiction over the Earth’s lone natural satellite, Luna.

It was common hundreds of years ago for the ordinary of a newly claimed land in the “New World” to initially be the bishop with jurisdiction over the port from which the expedition launched. Because Apollo 11 launched from within Diocese or Orlando, the late Archbiship Borders, when he was Bishop of Orlando at the time of the launch, often made the claim that he was “Bishop of the Moon.”

Bing it (Yeah, that’s right. I went there! ;) ) and you’ll find Fr. Z’s discussion of the subject comes up at the top.

Love the show. Keep up the good work.

    Fr. Ryan Humphries

    2013-07-10 11:00:02 Reply

    Toche’ Tim! That’s some high end geekery!

    I guess the loose question is still, though, who is the bishop who oversees the extra-terrestrial vagi (wanderers or travelers)? That’s always a matter of some confusion in the Church.

    Whatever the answer may be – you earn the Level 12 Geek award for obscure Church trivia.

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