CU Weekly 232: The Internet is Dying?

This Week, Fr. Chris, Jeff Blackwell and Jason Elizondo discussed

They also recommended these “Picks of the Week”

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Fr. Chris Decker
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Father Chris Decker is a priest for the Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was ordained in May of 2007 and is currently pastor of St. James and St. Philip Catholic Churches in St. James and Vacherie, LA, respectively. He attended college seminary in St. Benedict, LA with the monks of St. Joseph Abbey and completed his priestly studies at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, LA. Fr. Chris likes to draw and dabble in graphic design when his time at the parish permits. Most recently, he covered Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the United States for CUtv, the video service of He blogs almost regularly and is a co-presenter of the podcast.


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