CU Pick: Rosary Pro App for iOS

Cost: FREE
Link: Rosary Pro App for iOS in the iTunes App Store


You Don’t Think You Need It.

Okay, I’ve got my rosary – actually I’ve got several scattered around the car, one in my pocket (usually), and at least one “field rosary” in my backpack that winds up coming in handy when I fear I’ve misplaced the one in my pocket.

So, why, why would I possibly have an app to do what my fingers are by now trained to do without thought?

But You Do.

Well, to be honest, I don’t always have my rosary handy. Sometimes, it’s not in my pocket. Occasionally, I’ve given it to someone. More often than not, I’ve managed to leave it on my nightstand and sprinted off into the day.

Somehow, though, I always have my phone handy. This way, even if my wooden beads may be resting at home, my virtual beads are a tap and a swipe away. Enter the Rosary Pro App for iOS.


For a simple application, some very good thought went into its creation. There are quite a few options and interesting treatment the experience of praying the rosary. Here are some of the features.

  • Utilizes Facebook and Twitter to all you to ask for prayer intentions and pray for intentions from fellow RosaryPro app users.
  • Several methods of praying the rosary
    • swipe through the prayers
    • swipe through the beads, which appear as you swipe, giving the illusion of moving your thumb from one “bead” to the next. This option uses a series of tones for each “bead” swipe.
    • You can record your own (or another’s) voice to audibly pray the rosary. This is handy when your hands aren’t free. It prays at whatever speed you speak the prayers in the recording and plays it back.
  • Includes a meditation for each mystery of the Rosary.
  • Contains the text of The Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae by Pope St. John Paul II. (in which he proposed the addition of The Luminous Mysteries to the rosary.) There is some very good spiritual reading in this document.
  • A “novena mode” that will send a daily notification reminding you to pray for a particular intention at a certain time. You can also set the length of the novena, should you wish to pray it longer than 9 days.
  • A running tally of the number of Rosaries you’ve prayed.
  • Configurations
    • Multiple Languages: Catalàn, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Latin
    • Send the audio recordings of your prayers to another instance of the Rosary Pro App to an iDevice.
    • A Left Handed Swipe Option
    • Images on or off
  • Reminders
    • You can have Rosary Pro remind you daily at a certain time to pray the rosary (A perfect New Year’s resolution!).


I very much like the reminder feature tied to the Rosary Pro App. That’s actually what drew me to it. The “audio beads” are neat for the times I don’t have my rosary close at hand. The Scripture Meditations for each mystery are very good.


It can be a little clunky; the swipes sometimes take more than one try, especially in left-handed mode. Also, the audio recording can go a little too slow since it records the “first half” and the “second half” of the prayers separately and then puts them back together. While it’s helpful to slow things down a bit, depending upon the pause you leave at the head of the recording, it can be a little nerve-wracking. But, I did find once I got in the “groove” it wasn’t really noticeable.

Yeah! or Meh?

I give it a “Yeah! Try it out!” In addition to Rosary Pro App for iOS, I was pleased to find that there is also an Angelus Pro app for iOS from the same developer which I’m hoping will provide the same reminder capabilities.