Fridays with Benedict: 17 Aug 2012
/ August 17, 2012 0 COMMENTS
The Vatican gossip machine is fully fueled, east and west meet in the Ukraine, ...
Fridays with Benedict: 13 Jul 2012
/ July 13, 2012 0 COMMENTS
The Pope doesn’t quite have his feet up at Castel Gondolfo, Cardinal Raymond Burke and Cardinal Antonio Canizares both have some stout words about the status quo, The Ordinariate is ...
Fridays with Benedict: 06 July 2012
/ July 6, 2012 0 COMMENTS
The Pope’s not in Rome, The CCSOEPHS met, Cardinal Bertone gets a papal memo, every cross has a horizontal and a vertical beam, Ze Germans arrive at the CDF, The Higgs-Boson arrives ...
Fridays with Benedict: 29 Jun 2012
/ June 29, 2012 0 COMMENTS
The Venerable Fulton J Sheen, Pope Benedict mixes it up at the palium Mass, a new secretary bishop at the congregation for rites, Cardinal Koch has controversial comments on the ...
Fridays with Benedict: 22 Jun 2012
/ June 21, 2012 0 COMMENTS
This week, I’m back from a month of European Vacation, there’s a format change in the future, Ireland is at prayer, Refugees and the victims of violence are on the pope’s heart and the ...
Fridays with Benedict: 11 May 2012
/ May 10, 2012 0 COMMENTS
A whole lot of Europe, Armenia and Ethiopia have a sit down with the Holy Father and have they installed a Palantir in the White House? Who knows...
Fridays with Benedict: 23 Mar 2012
/ March 23, 2012 0 COMMENTS
This week... The pope is wheels down in Mexico, Joseph celebrates Joseph, The Bp is the Archbishop and Irleand comes clean
Fridays with Benedict: 10 Feb 2012
/ February 10, 2012 0 COMMENTS
This week, Illness as an opportunity, suffering as a necessity, Pre-lent and a the Church stands tall but with head bowed...
Fridays with Benedict: 3 Feb 2012
/ February 3, 2012 0 COMMENTS
The pope mourns an American Cardinal and then gets set to visit the fine people of Cuba. Prayer, Christ our Light and bogus lawsuits are also on the docket!

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