Life is Still Worth Living 43: Spirit and Flesh

The Spirit and the Flesh – which is greater? Which is more real? Also, a whole thing about paper plates that I’m shamelessly stealing from Mrs. Laura Lahaye!

Music: Darrell Evans

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  • Chris

    I think both spirit and flesh are equaly real. Whithout the flesh the spirit would have no reason to help us. We’d already be at our final desteny. I also believe we’re in pergatory here on earth. We’re faced whith good and bad.

  • Fr. Ryan

    Hey Chris, thanks for listening.

    It’s absolutely true to say that spirit and flesh are both real. The flesh is temporary, while the spirit is eternal, but that doesn’t effect their real-ness.

    It’s important to note, though, that after death, the flesh is meaningless. We will have ‘spiritual bodies’, but we don’t have any real knowledge of what those will be like except for the accounts of Jesus in the Gospels after His resurrection (e.g. walking through walls, being able to hide his true identity at will, etc).

    As to the notion of purgatory, the way the Church understands purgatory is as a process or state of purification between death and heaven. And so while we are certainly purified by our sufferings here, this world cannot, by definition, be purgatory.

    Again, thanks for listening. FrR