Life is Still Worth Living 44: Post-PostVatican2…?

This week the US Bishop voted and approved the entirety of the new translation of the Roman Missal which could be seen as a symbolic moment in which the idea of a “Post-Vatican II” Church – strongly condemned as an idea by Pope Benedict XVI – may finally be dying.

Music: Jim Fidler

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  • John 6:54

    All the V2 documents are great. What people did with the V2 documents is horrible.

  • Fr. Ryan

    Hey John6:54, Sorry I missed you message – gmail sent this comment to spam.

    Thanks for listening! I think we can certainly say that the V2 documents are inspired by the Holy Spirit. In our eyes, they appear to be great and they’ve been useful already and may continue to be relevant (esp. Gaudium et Spes on Atheism) but only time will tell if they are great or not… Here’s hoping!

    As to the people who used them as an excuse to undermine the faith – truly their folly will be remembered by history!

    Thanks again for listening. FrR