Special: Lessons and Antiphons

Standard Podcast [ 17 min 11 s ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Our 2nd annual Christmas special. Included are readings foretelling Christ’s coming, and some of the ‘O Antiphons’ of Vespers. Enjoy

CU Weekly 62: Load Up the Ark, ‘Cause We Got A Zoo

The special format episodes continue as we devote a whole show to backchats we have received over the course of the year. We promise we’ll give some time to some of the audio backchats we have received! We talk about orthodoxy once more, papal primacy a bit, ministering to one’s family, and why Joshua works […]

CU Weekly 61: Does the Compass Always Point North?

In this special episode, we break from the usual format to speak with Pete Vere, JCL, a canon lawyer, artist, and father, and his in depth study of the books by Phillip Pullman and the new movie “The Golden Compass.”

CU Weekly 60: The Pope’s New Brooch and Other Stories

In this episode, we chat about the Pope’s Vesture once more, we speak about His New Encyclical “Spe Salvi”, and we talk about cu sixty, CatholiCon, the new donate button, the prospect of a LIVE show…oh so much for our sixtieth! Happy Advent!

CU Weekly 59: ChristmasLent

In this episode, we talk ChristmasLent, prepping for Christ’s coming, our Orthodox bretheren dash into podcasting, as well as a good deal of backchat and our new ventures at cu. Enjoy!

CU Weekly 58: No Matter How You Slice It

In this episode, we talk about forming a Catholic Open Source movement, our CU pick of the week is in there somewhere, and a very merciful bishop attempts to save the souls of some lady sheep. Also, some audio backChat, no news is good news on the CatholiCon front, and we chat a little about […]

CU Weekly 57: A Quorum on Tahini (and NyQuil)

In this episode, we discuss what we’re excited about with the new Leopard operating system for Mac, we talk about the Holy Land losing their Christian TV station, and we welcome back an old friend. Also, our picks of the week, our new audio backchat feature, and prayer requests for Joshua’s brother.

CU Weekly 56: Envoyage!

A special episode with Caroline Schermerhorn, contributing editor of Envoy Magazine, now back in print and awaiting its second issue. She interviews us for a piece she’s doing in the re-newed magazine, and we let you listen in! Also, we offer our picks of the week!