CU Weekly 54: Here in This Space

We give a good bit of discussion over to the phrase “modernist heresy,” the gist of which is as old as each new generation, we’ve got some new picks of the week, as well as a the idea of a la carte cable television. Also, we cover some of the backChat on our website over the past week.

CU Weekly 53: The Recording of Podcast in the Internet

We talk about a familiar design on a chinese mp3 player, the pope’s exhortation for bishops to speak up against error, the latest lack thereof, our picks of the week, the growing desire for ongoing formation in our Faith, and we handle some seminarian Backchat.

CU Weekly 52: Hello Sinfire

In this episode we talk about adulterous alibis and whether or not sin really matters, we discuss our Picks of the Week, and we open the door up to discussing the future of catholic vidcasting. Also, we answer our first manual backchat!

CU Weekly 51: Life after 50

This episode we discuss the pope’s vestment choices, the new iPhone hacks, bishops defending the Eucharist (wow!), our picks of the week, a life update on all of us, and we handle some backChat!

CU Weekly 50: Halfway to Nowhere

iPhone price drops, cu pick of the week, reality shows about reality revealing something about our culture?, the quasi-live drawing of our iTunes gift card promotion winner, an update on CatholiCon 2008, and a host of other madness top our 50th show this week.

CU Weekly 49: The Sound of Awkward Silence

We discuss why bad things happen to good people, Introduce the new segment entitled “Pick of the Week”, and we get a handle on more iPhone mumbo-jumbo, also, we answer some backChat!

CU Weekly 48: One! Ah Ah Ah!

Our First Anniversary Episode! In this episode: The Fall of Father Decker (thechnologically speaking). We talk further about the idea of CatholiCon, we discuss the 5 Worst Looks for Christians, the worldwide Skype blackout. We also take on some backChat!